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Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

Available with or without face mask

  • 5-POINT SAFETY SYSTEM - The 5-Point Safety System is our pledge to safety as our priority.
  • Reebok has identified 5 features that make a helmet safe to which they have designed and built their product accordingly
  • FLOATING LINER - The EPP flexible liners oscillate to contour to the unique shape of your head while the Comfort Cushions provide a superb, soft and snug fit
  • MICRODIAL™ II - When fully adjusted, the Microdial II helps pull the helmet into a safe position on your head while alleviating pressure points and locking it snugly in place
  • NEW REEBOK SHELL - Next generation aerodynamic shell with ventilation designed for a low-profile fit
  • EPP FLOATING LINER - EPP Flexible liner with comfort cushions contours to the unique shape of your head
  • MICRODIAL II - Permits 360 degree wrap and vertical adjustment to alleviate pressure points and gold helmet firmly in place
  • SUBSHELLS - Using carbon fiber technology that revolutionized the stick market, Reebok designed a lightweight helmet without sacrificing protection
  • FIT CLIPS - Permits easy tool-less length adjustment
  • Flat wire bars
  • Ergonomic chin cup
  • Chin gel comfort pad
  • Unique adjustable strap system

    Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

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